About Us

Our names are Cindy Evans and Jean McCloskey. We each have two children who attend or did attend (Cindy's son went from K-8 and is now in high school!!) year round schools. We love the year round schedule, and especially look forward to our Track Outs.

So here's the story. We're sitting on the deck one evening and Curly (Jean's nickname for Cindy's daughter) comes out. Jean asked her "What's going on Curly?" Her response, with a great big smile and hands in the air was "I'm Tracked Out!" We all look at each other and Cindy's husband said, "We should think about trademarking that saying." Well, after lots of time doing research and working with our attorneys, we established "TT's Apparel and Accessories, LLC" - the company which proudly owns the trademark (intent to use filed - takes a while for the official review and approval) "I'm Tracked Out".

Our goal at this point is to offer our line of apparel to PTAs to use as fundraisers. We are in the process of developing new designs, so please check back often.

TT's Apparel & Accessories, LLC owns the trademark "I'm Tracked Out". Any use of this trademark
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